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We have a litter of six kittens available.

Father: Champion Crystalclear Zorro Zucchini (chocolate & white LaPerm Longhair)

Mother: Quincunx Ravenclaw (black karpati LaPerm Longhair)

Date of birth: 23rd August 2023

GCCF registered, vaccinated, microchipped, insured etc

They are all really sweet and cuddly kittens!

1 black boy (available)

1 blue karpati & white girl (reserved)

1 chocolate karpati (or brown BCR karpati?) boy (reserved)

1 chocolate karpati & white boy (reserved)

1 black karpati boy (reserved)

1 black karpati & white boy (pending)

Please get in touch for more information.


For information about upcoming litters with other breeders please look at the kitten page of the LaPerm Cat Club website at



All of our kittens are registered with the GCCF, vaccinated, wormed and insured. They are raised with lots of love and well socialised to be outgoing and affectionate. We are members of the GCCF Breeder Scheme.

The LaPerm is a rare breed so kittens are not always available straight away, but they are well worth waiting for! If you don't see any available kittens please still get in touch to find out more about breeding plans or kittens available with other reputable breeders.

If you are interested in our kittens please get in touch either by email at or contact me on 07810 441 891





We have bred many litters of LaPerms. We have focused on breeding high generation LaPerm lines which can be shown in all associations and have also started new outcross lines from a range of permitted outcross breeds and bred down from these lines.


A litter of shorthaired LaPerms, including Quincunx Ike Fergusson, now a stud in the Netherlands, Quincunx Belette Bouclee who stayed with us, beloved pet Quincunx Sandpiper and beloved pet/show neuters Quincunx Snork and Quincunx Caribou Curl.

Quincunx Xenobia Xoom as a small kitten


Grand Champion Quincunx Qinkifurr, Cream Silver Shaded Darker Points, the first LaPerm stud in Scandinavia, and his litter brother Quincunx Quetzal.

Noah and Pippi's litter from 2011

 Quincunx Belmondo, Quincunx Allons-y Alonzo, Quincunx Fonce Alphonse and Quincunx Patricia Francurli. All longhaired LaPerms.


A litter of Quincunx kittens having a drink of milk

Quincunx Tyto Alba

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