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Welcome to the Quincunx LaPerms website. We are hobby breeders of the rare LaPerm cat based in South London. Our cats are first and foremost our beloved pets. We have occasional litters of LaPerm kittens available to permanent, loving homes. Our kittens are well socialised and raised in our home with lots of love and attention.

We are proud to have imported the first LaPerms to the UK and to share our home with them. We are founder members of the LaPerm Cat Club. (Please also see the UK LaPerm Cat Club website at  Showing and breeding cats is our hobby and we enjoy promoting this lovely breed.


Our cattery is named after the Galton's quincunx (pronounced kwin-kunkz) invented by Sir Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin and a pioneering modern scientist in many fields including statistics, genetics and heredity. Galton wrote the first study of cat heredity called "Experiments in Pangenesis, by Breeding from a Marked Cat," published in the journal "Nature" in 1868. It studied the inheritance of coat colours and was historically important because it was one of the first ever studies of quantative genetics and it provided evidence for the validity of Mendel's laws of inheritance, which were not widely accepted at the time. It was the basis for the understanding of cat genetics used by all cat breeders today so Galton could be described as the first modern cat breeder. Later he followed this with "Three Generations of Lunatic Cats" (in 1896). In spite of its funny title, it was serious study into the effects of inbreeding, gaining another important insight still very relevant to cat breeders today. He was also a strong advocate for keeping pedigree records in animal breeding before this was common practice. (We inherited my grandfather's own Galton's quincunx.)

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