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American Wirehair


Prefix: Vibrations Cattery

Breeder’s Name: Helen Zimmer

Registry: CFA

Location: Germany, Hueckeswagen.


Telephone: +49 2192 859470

Website/Facebook page:

Description: We breed since 35 Years cats. Since 2007 American Wirehairs and Am Shorthairs. All cats living in house with us, and be Familymembers. Cats are under Vetenarian Control.

Most HCM scanned. and free of any Diseases.


Prefix: Anchises
Breeder’s Name: Laurie Patton
Registry: TICA
Location: South Carolina, USA
Telephone: 803-754- 9975

Facebook: Cattery-1083931538303006/
Description: Originally called the Giant Aphrodite, the breed was founded on the island of Cyprus. The breed is slow-maturing and don't reach full development until the ages of 3-4 years. Males are larger than females they can range anywhere between 22-24 lbs.

Prefix: Kamrita 

Breeder’s Name: Sandra Humphrey

Registry: TICA

Location:  Nottingham UK, Malaga Spain 


Telephone: 07746963986

Website/Facebook page: kamrita mainecoons and aphrodites

Description: We have been breeding since 2010. We started off with the Bengal and have produced some national and international champions. We have since changed direction and now breed Maine Coons and the beautiful Aphrodite.  We aim to breed healthy and well balanced cats, that are happy to be handled in the show ring or in the home.  Our cats are handled from day one and are used to adults and children alike, as well as dogs and other cats, so they leave me very confident which we find helps them settle a lot quicker than expected



Prefix: Cagaran
Breeder's Name: Heather and Richard McRae
Registry: GCCF
Location: UK
Telephone: 07765 831273
Website/Facebook page: /
Description: We have been breeding Asians, including Burmillas and Tiffanies, since 2010.  We are committed to helping to develop and grow this wonderful breed, and are both members of the Breed Advisory Committee and on the Committee of the Asian Group Cat Society.  We works with all colours and patterns and have both established and outcross lines.  We are on the GCCF breeder scheme (member no. 7).

Prefix: Ifrinnach

Breeder’s Name: Charlotte Davey & Ian Royle

Registry: GCCF

Location: Scotland 


Website/Facebook page: @ifrinnach

Description: We decided to start breeding after experiencing the absolute joy and uniqueness of owning Asians ourselves. It started with Bubs wandering in to the garden and we've now got five of them! Our main reason for getting in to breeding is to spread this joy with other people. ​Everybody who meets them for the first time (friends, family, delivery drivers, repairmen etc.) always exclaim "I didn't know cats could be like this!", and that's such a shame. Asians are friendly, outgoing, curious. playful, but also closely attuned to their humans - if you need space, they give you space. If you want to play, they'll play until you're bored. If you need a hug - well, this picture is 3 of them on Charlotte's knee after a particularly hard day at work. ​We had our first litter in February 2021 and are registered with the GCCF and committed to following their code of conduct and ethics. Once updates to their breeder scheme have been finalised we will be joining that as well. In 2022, we elected to apply for a breeding license from East Lothian Council which was granted to us following a thorough inspection by a vet. ​Our kittens are raised in a home environment with everything kept to the highest of standards. ​We also raise the profile of the breed by attending GCCF shows  - mainly in Scotland and the North of England but sometimes as far as Birmingham and the Midlands. ​We are members of the Asian Group Cat Society and Charlotte is currently serving as Treasurer for the club as well as sitting on the Breed Advisory Committee.

Australian Mist

Prefix: Ayshazen

Breeder's Name: Chrissy Russell

Registry: TICA

Location: UK

Telephone: 07865 563882

Website/Facebook page: / h

Description: I have been breeding Burmese for 18 years and Australian Mists for 3 years. Member of the International Australian Mist Cat Society and the Burmese Cat Association




Prefix: Kokiri 

Breeders name: Brianna Ciesla - Colleen Rozwood 

Registry: CFA, TICA, ACA & CFF 

Location: Buffalo, New York USA 



Website: Kokiri Cattery

Description: We are a Small in-home, cage-free cattery working with Balinese, Siamese, Orientals and Tibetans.

Prefix: Pink Ward
Breeder's Name: Sara Steffens
Registry: CFA and TICA
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 226 246 6551
Website: or Pink Ward Cattery on FB

Bombay (American)

Prefix: Jera
Breeder’s Name: Hanna Bulanava
Registry: TICA
Location: Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 163 8967183
Website/Facebook page:
Description: Jera Catter was founded in 2007 and breeding Bombay cats. Our main goal to populate Bombay and breed healthy and happy cats. Our cats have Supreme Grand Champions (TICA), Best Adult Bombay 2016-2017 and high Grand Champion CFA Titles.  We are cage-free cattery and All our kittens are registered, vaccinated and provided with passport and are personally delivered in their new home worldwide. We are always open to communicate with other Bombay breeders and people who interesting in this gorgeous cats!

British Longhair

Prefix: Aklisbb

Breeder’s Name: Zaneel Abidin
Registry: GCCF
Location: London, UK
Telephone: 07947 666 084
Description: Breeding/showing: British Shorthair and Longhairs

Breeder and exhibitor of British Shorthair and Longhair cats, based in north London. I am a member of the British Shorthair Club, the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club and the Northern British Shorthair and Longhair Cat Club. I abide by the code of ethics set by the GCCF. Kittens vaccinated and registered.

Prefix: Alphaberry

Name: Stephen McConnell

Stud Owner: Yes

Registry: GCCF, TICA, FiFe


Description: Breeding/showing British Shorthair (BSH) and British Longhairs (BLH)

Breeder, GCCF Judge and exhibitor of British Shorthair cats, based in Birmingham. I am a registered breeder with the GCCF Membership No 0235. Kittens vaccinated microchipped and registered.

Prefix: Cwtchycats
Breeder’s Name: Carolyn Littlejohns
Registry: TICA
Location: Caerphilly, South Wales
Website/Facebook page:
Description: Hobby breeder of British Longhair cats from health screened and heart tested parents. Registered as a TICA Outstanding Cattery and located in Caerphilly, South Wales. 



Prefix: Masterplan 
Breeder’s Name: Helene Hargreaves
Registry: GCCF
Location: Stotfold, Hertfordshire

Description: Hobby breeder of Chartreux  Cats. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy and well-adjusted cats who are a pleasure to own. All kittens are born and raised in the home and lavished with love and affection.


Egyptian Mau


European Shorthair


Prefix: Cardiwens

Breeder’s Name: Mia Isaksson

Registry: WCF

Location: Sweden


Telephone: First contact by email

Website/Facebook page: 


Description: Cardiwens is a small cattery that breeds Europeans in a home environment located in Uppsala, Sweden. We focus on temperament and health of our cats. All our kittens are vaccinated, micro-chipped and registered before leaving our home.    

Prefix: Eife's

Breeder’s Name: Eva Køhler

Registry: FIFe

Location: Århus, Denmark


Telephone: +45 28708498

Website/Facebook page:

Description: A small cattery committed to the European (Shorthair) breed. All of our cats live in the home as part of the family. We aim to give our kittens the best socialization, so they're ready to take on the world, and don't get thrown by something as simple as a vet visit. Good temper comes first, closely followed by good health, and we aim to fulfill these goals through close attention to personality and health of the cats themselves, and knowledge about their ancestors/pedigree.

German Rex

Prefix: Westerfield's

Name: Dina Dziuba

Registry: Felidae e.V

Location: Hanover, Germany



Description: Small, home-based cattery, led by veterinarian. Focus on health, no cages, all cats live in the family with kids. More info on the website.

Havana Brown

Prefix: Havalot

Breeder’s Name: Stefano & Elisa Di Giacomo
Registry: CFA
Location: Rome, Italy
Telephone: +393272144719
Website/Facebook page:
Description: Home breeders members of the CFA. The only breeders in Italy of Havana Brown. We collaborate worldwide to increase the number of specimens and improve the health of the breed and partecipate at the show, especially European, to spread the knowledge of it. All kittens are registered, vaccinated and provided with passport and are personally accompanied in their forever home worldwide.

Khao Manee

See Maew Boran


Korat & GCCF Thai


Breeder’s Name: Julie Cherkas
Registry: GCCF
Location: Southampton, UK
Telephone: 023 8090 4187
Website/Facebook page:  FB page is Julie Cherkas. 
Description: An experienced breeder (since 1981) and a member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme, I show my Korats & Thais very successfully in the UK (GCCF). Occasionally, I have well adjusted kittens available to good homes in the UK.  None of my cats or kittens fulfil the "3 generation of blue cats" rule required by FIFe so I will only ever export to people I know personally.

Prefix: Passaya

Breeder’s Name: Frédéric Lachaud Goedert

Registry: CFA

Location: Carcassonne, Paris, Geneva (France)


Telephone: +33631558543

Website/Facebook page: Chatterie Passaya

Description: Full information is on the website, in case you need more, I am at your disposal. I was the first Korat breeder in France, having the first litter more than 20 years ago.



Prefix- Catcurls

Breeder name - Denise Abraham

Registry- TICA

Location- Alberta, Canada



Facebook - Catcurl Laperms

Description -  We breed and exhibit Laperms from our family home. Kittens are raised underfoot, and lovingly handled from the moment of birth on. We are home to several Regional Winners, Champions, and of TICA's best international Laperms.  Despite this, our priority is that of health and temperament; where we believe genetic diversity is a must.

Prefix: Miragecats

Breeder’s Name: Joyce Pierce

Registry:  TICA

Location: Northern California


Telephone: 928-243-4901

Description: Small in-home cattery

Prefix: PurRoxy's 
Breeder’s Name:  Astrid Oudshoorn
Registry: Felikat catclub regnr. 2015079
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Telephone: +31630046440

Facebook page: PurRoxy's LaPerm
Description: LaPerm breeder in home environment with great love and attention for our cats and breeding. Good attention for genetic diversity, character, breed standard and tested for genetic disorders and diseases. Dutch, english and german speaking. Near airport. 

Prefix: Quincunx

Breeder’s Name: Anthony Nichols

Registry: GCCF

Location: London, UK


Telephone: 020 7252 4258

Website/Facebook page:

Description: Breeding occasional litters of LaPerms in various colours and both long and short coats. member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme. All kittens registered, vaccinated and insured. Cuddly, curly-coated kittens, raised with love for loving homes.

Prefix: SE* Iceblue's
Breeder’s Name: Ulla Ekström von Essen
Registry: Fife/SVERAK
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46709726078
Website/Facebook page:
Description: Small breeding of La Perms at home since 2008. Mostly pointed and blue-eyed, but a good temper comes first though it is the most important trait of a La Perm!



Prefix: Catitude 
Breeder’s Name: PATTI THOMAS
Registry:  TICA
Location:  VIRGINIA, USA
Telephone:  540-820-7471
Website/Facebook page:

Description:  Discoverer of the Lykoi breed in 2010.   Long time breeder and show exhibitor for nearly 15 years.  Member of TICA and CFA associations.   Small home breeder.  Kittens and adults live as pets in our home.  Not caged.

Prefix: Nada

Breeder's Name: Cheryl Kerr

Registry: TICA & CFA registered cattery

Location: Florida, USA 



Maew Boran Breed Group

Including Khao Manee, Suphalak, Lotus Petal, Bangkok, Konja


Prefix: WhiteGem and ChocolateGem

Breeders names: Lori Snook-Haas and Joe Haas
Registry: TICA, CFA, TIMBA
Location: Ohio
Telephone: 330-605-1446
Website: and
Facebook pages:
WhiteGem Khao Manee cats
Chocolate Gem Suphalak Cats
Konja Black Thai Cat

Korat Thai Cats

Description: We were selected in 2015 to be a part of Thailand's Preservation Program with TIMBA for breeding the rare and natural breeds of Thailand: 

Khao Manee - Maew Boran 

Korat - Maew Boran

Suphalak - Maew Boran

Konja - Maew Boran

Lotus Petal - Maew Boran

Bangkok - Maew Boran

Wichienmaat - Maew Boran


Prefix: Rafoej

Breeder’s Name: Rod Hitchmough

Registry: NZCF

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


Telephone: +64 4 232 7278


Description: Breeding Burmese, Mandalays (the New Zealand equivalent of full colour expression Asian shorthairs) and Tonkinese, with particular emphasis at present on the new colour pattern russet in Burmese and Mandalays. I have been breeding Burmese since 1976, originally in partnership with my late parents. I have a strong professional and practical interest in genetics, and have served on the NZCF Genetics Advisory Council. Affectionate, very good-natured kittens are raised with care in the house, and are NZCF registered and vaccinated.

Manx SH/LH 


Prefix: Tuath

Breeder’s Name: Caroline Gamache

Registry: Chats Canada Cats

Location: Saint-Lin-Laurentides (Québec) Canada


Telephone: 450-439-5481


Description: Breeder for over 20 years, decided on a new adventure : Manx !  Do not hesitate to visit our website to know more.



Prefix: Gildenhuys’ lord and ladies

Breeders name: Jacqueline Zeijlemaker 

Registry: NRKV 

Location: Alkmaar Netherlands 


Phone: +31651794146


Description: Home raised Nebelung kittens with excellent pedigrees and health,. We test our cats for HCM, PKD, PL and Felv/Fiv. Our kittens grow up with Abyssinian kittens to improve the social behavior of this breed, no skittish babies, not afraid of anything and used to our household.



Prefix: Zayenah 

Breeder’s Name: Amanda Herde

Registry: Feline Association of SA (FASA)

Location: Australia 


Telephone: +61432816049

Website/Facebook page:

Description: Breeding stunning Ocicats in all 12 colours from Champion imported lines.

With award winning show cats we endeavor to "perfect perfection" in the Ocicat to ensure our babies have exceptional temperaments, along with the look of a wild cat that will delight our kitten families with their personalities and loving natures.

Kittens available Australia wide.

Prefix: Spotted Beauty
Breeder's Name: Ruprecht Franziska
Registry: FIFe / FFH (FIFe Member Switzerland)
Location: Europe, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 258 07 00
Description: We have been breeding Ocicats with love and passion since 2013 as the first FIFe-cattery in Switzerland. Spotted Beauty cattery is registered since 2011. Our cats live in the home as part of the family. Our goal is to support genetic diversity and good health this unique breed of cat. We are small cattery with 1 up to 2 or maybe for once 3 litters each year. Kittens are raised in the home with love and care. We are a cage-free cattery breeding.

Prefix: Anizz, Ocicats and Ocicat Classic 

Location: Rugby, UK . 

FB page: Anizzcats 


Mobile: 07800 761826 


Prefix: Thor's Oak Ocicats and Ocicat Classics

Location: Essex, UK



We are Monika and Owen, Thor's Oak Ocicats, breeders of Ocicats and Ocicat Classics. We are FIFe, GCCF and CFA registered. We have imported cats from as far afield as Eastern Europe to North America, to give us genetically diverse, strong and healthy cats. Our kittens are born in our bedroom and brought up in our home, underfoot. They are fully socialised with our queens and neuters. Queens have litters generally once a year to keep them and their kittens healthy.

Prefix: St-Elmo

Breeder’s Name: Jo Lloyd

Registry: GCCF

Location: Felixstowe, Suffolk


Telephone: 07715 501626 – this is also my number for WhatsApp

Website/Facebook page:,

Description: All our kittens are born and raised in the heart of our home, so they can be watched over constantly and socialised fully, sharing our space and that of our lovable Labrador, Margot. Our kittens are healthy, confident and ready for fun when they move to their new homes. In September 2023 we were visited by the GCCF Breeders Scheme Inspector who kindly said  “This is somewhere I’d love to live if I was a cat. The house is definitely a people/cat partnership, very well thought out from the cats’ perspective. Jo is knowledgeable about her breed and cat welfare generally and striving for best practice at all times.” 


Oriental LH 

Prefix: Kokiri 

Breeders name: Brianna Ciesla - Colleen Rozwood 

Registry: CFA, TICA, ACA & CFF 

Location: Buffalo, New York USA 



Website: Kokiri Cattery

Description: We are a Small in-home, cage-free cattery working with Balinese, Siamese, Orientals and Tibetans.

Prefix: Trailhawk
Breeder’s Name: Kat Weil
Registry: TICA and CFA
Location: Ohio
Website/Facebook page:
Description: Small home based cattery with focus on temperament. Kittens raised underfoot not in cages.



Prefix: iCandy

Breeder’s Name: Sara Thornton DVM

Registry: CFA

Location: south central  Pennsylvania    



Website/Facebook page:


Description: Veterinarian raised RagaMuffin kittens with health, beauty, temperament, and the sweet expression the breed is famous for. CFA Cattery of Excellence. Grand Champions, Regional Winners and, most important, precious pets. Kittens are raised in the home with love and care.                      

Prefix: RAGAMANIA    

Breeder’s Name: JOSEE RODRIGUE

Registry: CFA, CCC



Telephone: 819-790-7150


Description : We are a small in-home cattery breeding and raising authentic, purebreed and registered Ragamuffin cats. Our kittens are raised underfoot with our family, well-socialized with kids and are lovingly handled since birth. Health and temperament is our priority. Be prepare to fall in love with this unique breed of cats.

Prefix: Silver Linings

Breeder’s Name: Stephanie Newberry
Registry: ACFA
Location: Chicago suburbs, USA
Telephone: 815.210.1605
Description: Our RagaMuffins are raised underfoot with our family, kids included. They are raised to be happy, healthy and well socialized. RagaMuffins have addicting personalities so be warned: one is never enough.



Prefix: Diogenoir
Breeder’s Name: Michael Carbno/Lisa Stasiuk
Registry: ACFA - but can register in TICA and CFA.
Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
Telephone: 306 313 8664
Website/Facebook page:
Description: Small home based cattery,

Prefix:​ Singaneko

Breeder’s Name:  Kinsey Foster​

Registry:  GCCF​, TICA, CFA, FIFe

Location:​ ​Norfolk, UK

Email: ​

Telephone:​ 07432678838​

Website/Facebook page:; Facebook: Singaneko Singapura Breeding UK​

Description: Singaneko Singapuras are all reared in a home environment with plenty of human interaction and exposure to every day noises such as hoovers, washing machines, and television. As a result they are very sociable, playful and confident. All kittens are accompanied by a kitten pack which will include items such as a packet of the food they currently eat, favourite toys and treats, blanket, poop scoop, pedigree, a letter telling you all their milestones since birth, something about their personality, likes and dislikes and their routine.  I also include  a signed copy of my children's book Paolo the Brave which is the first in the series of five about one of my studs. All kittens are registered with GCCF, some also with TICA, FIFe and CFA. Kittens leaves us fully vaccinated, wormed and flea’d with a list of the relevant dates for repeat applications of the latter two, and a health record indicating their vaccinations. You have a choice of 4 – 5 weeks free insurance with either Petplan or Agria when the kitten leaves us.  We remain available for advice and mentoring to all new kitten owners or new breeders. 

Some of our kittens have been rehomed abroad and we will either take them ourselves, encourage collection in person or use an appropriate courier to accompany the kittens. We will not allow kittens to travel as cargo.





Prefix:  Chocilac
Breeder’s Name: Dee Baines
Registry:  GCCF
Location:  Norfolk
Telephone:  07717310760
Website/Facebook page:  Chocilac Suffolk Cats
Description:  My cats all live within the home rather than in a cattery. I have two breeding queens a full Chocolate Suffolk who is qualified and ready to show in championship once the breed attains the status. My other queen is an Ebony- Black F1 - Suffolk/Russian Blue who is part of the Suffolk outcross breeding programme.  I have a young entire full Suffolk male who has been successful on the show bench and will be available at stud for the breed once mature.  I will produce full Suffolks who maybe suitable for show bench/breeding or pet-homes and I will produce F2 & F3 (next generation) Suffolk outcross kittens who whilst unable to be shown may continue the breeding programme (chocolate or lilac only) or any Ebony or Blue kittens would be  stunning kittens for pet homes only.

Prefix: Eastpoint

Breeders' Names: Linda and Charlie Spendlove

Registry: GCCF

Location: Suffolk

Telephone: 07949082926
Description: We are involved in the stud provision for the Suffolk Cats and hold 5 stud boys available to queens in the breeding programme for these amazing cats. I am also secretary for the SBCC and look after the kittenlist and availability if both pet and active kittens. Any information you need feel free to give me a call for a chat.

Prefix: Poolside

Name: Mrs D Tams


Location: Cheshire


Tel: 01270 651629

Prefix: Seamist 

Breeder's Name: Mrs T Lander
Registry: GCCF
Location: Cornwall UK
Fb page: Seamist cats
Telephone: 07479557008

Prefix: Sakaria 

Breeder's Name: Mrs Kerrie Dent

Registry: GCCF

Location: Southampton, Hampshire


Telephone: 07787 884 042

Tennessee Rex 

Prefix: Furor Poeticus

Breeder’s Name: Elzbieta Kaczak-Koscianczuk

Registry: TICA & FIFe

Location: Poland, Europe



Facebook page:


We have been breeding pedigree cats with love and passion since 2004 and Tennessee Rex since 2017 as the first cattery in Europe. All of our cats live in the home as part of the family. Our goal is to support genetic diversity and good health this unique breed of cat. And our dream is to contribute to preserving and recognize Tennessee Rex cats in the whole world.

Prefix: TR

Breeder’s Name: Sandra Scarrow

Registry: TICA

Location: Victoria, BC , Canada


Telephone: 250-282-3892

Website/Facebook page: Tennessee Rex cats and kittens for sale @TennesseeRexCats

Description: Satin Rex breed in development


Prefix: Assisi

Breeder’s Name: Mira & Santino Pittala

Registry: NKFV

Location: The Netherlands


Telephone: +31570547276

Facebook page: Cattery Assisi

Prefix: Kokiri cattery

Breeders name: Brianna Ciesla - Colleen Rozwood 

Registry: CFA, TICA, ACA & CFF 

Location: Buffalo, New York USA 



Website: Kokiri Cattery

Description: We are a Small in-home, cage-free cattery working with Balinese, Siamese, Orientals and Tibetans.


Prefix: Elinga 
Breeder’s Name: Elena Starta
Registry: TICA, CFA
Location: New Jersey, USA
Telephone: 1-732-599-4456
Website/Facebook page: fb page Elinga Tonkinese Cattery/ Instagram elingatonkinese / YouTube Elinga Tonkinese Cattery
Description: Raising friendly and happy Tonkinese kitties since 2002. Sold with alteration agreement. Sorry we do not ship.

Cattery:        Tonkanesen vom Ellerbek

Breeder:        Antje Marie Renk

Location:       Germany,  Kiel



Prefix: Rafoej

Breeder’s Name: Rod Hitchmough

Registry: NZCF

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


Telephone: +64 4 232 7278


Description: Breeding Burmese, Mandalays (the New Zealand equivalent of full colour expression Asian shorthairs) and Tonkinese, with particular emphasis at present on the new colour pattern russet in Burmese and Mandalays. I have been breeding Burmese since 1976, originally in partnership with my late parents. I have a strong professional and practical interest in genetics, and have served on the NZCF Genetics Advisory Council. Affectionate, very good-natured kittens are raised with care in the house, and are NZCF registered and vaccinated.

Cattery name: van Zuylenhove

Breeder’s Name: Yvette Bodaar

Registry: Neocat

Location: Netherlands


Website/Facebook page:

FB: * also on instagram.

Description: we are a small but ambitious family that is enjoying hobby breeding to bring the Tonkinese breed forward. Our kittens grow up on our sofa in between us and our kids. 



Prefix: Bel Moor’s

Breeder’s Name: Dr. Anna Gromova, DVM

Registry: TICA, MFA, ICU, WCF

Location: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia



Phone: +7 (952) 131-70-05

Description: Veterinarian owned and raised underfoot with focus on healthy well socialized cats.


Prefix: Singville

Breeder’s Name: Margo Hill

Registry: TICA

Location: Connecticut, USA



Description: The Toybob is known for its big sweet personality in a small cat body. Our cats are bred for genetic diversity, good health, breed standard and live as pets in our home.

Prefix: Wonderland Kitty

Breeder’s Name: Gigi Guerriero

Registry: TICA

Location: New York, USA



Description: Our sweet healthy Toybobs come “From Russia With Love”, ready to steal your hearts!



Turkish Angora 

Prefix: CadiKedisi; AnaTanrica

Breeder’s Name: Aleksandra 

Registry: TICA, CFA, NZCF

Location: New Zealand 



Website/Facebook page:

Description: CadiKedisi cattery in New Zealand is working on preserving the breed in this part of the world, with a focus on improving genetic diversity in the breed. We work with several imported lines from Turkey. AnaTanriça prefix is used exclusively for cats bred with our Turkish imports, when CadiKedisi is used for both established Turkish Angora lines and imports from Turkey. All of our potential breeding cats are DNA tested with MyCatDNA, so we can keep a close eye on the diversity in our offspring, as well as the health and the traits. We are lucky to live in beautiful rural New Zealand, and we have a big safe cat garden for our babies where they can run and play safely. Kittens are raised in our home and a big part of our everyday life.


Prefix: Sirin

Breeder’s Name: Christine Masser

Registry: All About Cats (TICA related club)

Location: Austria


Telephone: 004369911214978

Website/Facebook page:

Description: Sirin Turkish Angora is a small Cattery in Austria, near Vienna. We breed since 2011, cats live with us in the house and have access to the secured cat garden. We breed with elegant typeful lines as well as with import lines directly from Ankara, our goal is to increase the genetic diversity in our breed, and get healthy, typeful cats with nice temper. Our breeding cats have all common genetic tests as well as regular heart and kidney ultrasound screening and the white cats a BAER test.

Turkish Van 

Prefix: Kinalikedi

Breeder’s Name: Sayuri Takano

Registry: ANFI/FIFE

Location: Rome/Italy


Telephone: (+39)3356267357

Website/Facebook page:

Description: Cattery breeding beautiful Turkish Van kittens in Italy.


Ural Rex

Prefix: Shuravy

Breeder’s Name: Olga Makarova

Registry: WCF- Cattery- 677-2010


Location: Russia Ekaterindurg


Telephone: +7 912 251 62 51

Website/Facebook page:


Our cattery is situated in Ekaterinburg - motherland of the Ural Rex cats. We want you to meet this wonderful and still small-numbered Russian aboriginal breed of cats! Our cattery deals with Ural Rex breeding in shorthair (URX) and semi-longhair (URL) varieties. 

Prefix: Vogtlandpfoetchen's

Breeder’s Name: Sabine Ulbricht

Registry: Catfriends of Germany e.V.

Location: Germany, 08468 Reichenbach


Telephone: +49 177 8011482

Website/Facebook page:

Description: Our goal is healthy, typical cats, among others. also in point (with mask).

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